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The Sandtrap Genie

So this guy is out golfing one day and he is having an incredible day. He plays the first nine holes below par.

Then on the 10th hole -- DIFT -- into the sand trap.

He goes to hit out of the trap and just as he gets ready to swing -- Poof! -- up pops this genie with a goofy golf hat instead of a turban.

"Behold the power of the Sandtrap Genie!" he says, "You notice how well you are doing today?"

"Well yes, of course," says the man.

"Well, that's no coincidence. I was giving you a sample of my power," says the genie.

"Now that you have seen what I can do, I am here to offer you one of two wishes: You can have either a wonderful golf game or an incredible sex life. You've seen what I can do. I'll give you a few minutes to decide."

"Oh that's easy," says the man, "I'll take the golf game."

The genie says "So be it," and disappears in a puff of smoke.

The man hits out of the sand trap and picks up right where he left off, the ball lands within a foot of the pin! Anyway, the man continues on his way racking up his best score ever.

But then, on the 18th hole disaster strikes again -- the sandtrap!

The man goes to the trap and again the Genie pops up and says, "I have have been the Sandtrap Genie ever since the game was invented and I have posed my choice to hundreds of guys over the years, but you are first one to ever take the golf game! So I gotta ask, why not the sex? Is your sex life that great? How often? Three or four times a day? Supermodels? What can you have going on that I can't improve?"

"Well, if you must know, I usually get it once or twice a week."

"You call that a good sex life?!?!" says the genie.

"Oh, I don't know," says the man, "for a young priest in a small parish I think I do pretty well."



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